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Bushnell Elite 3200 Scope

Bushnell Elite 3200A great present this year for your husband or boyfriend the Elite 3200 by Bushnell is an excellent buy and sure to make your loved one smile from ear to ear. 

One of the most popular scopes available and for good reason the Bushnell Elite 3200 Scope offers multi-coated optics that allow the hunter or shooter to see much better with the generous light transmission and crystal clear image quality.  The lenses are also coated in the patented Rainguard lens coating which reduces large drops of water into simple specks. 

Once the droplets are reduced they allow the hunter to see much better because of the increased light transmission caused by their smaller size. 

The Elite 3200 is also super strong and built for a lifetime of heavy use like all Bushnell scopes including the Elite 4200.  It's built out of a one-piece hammer-forged aluminum and titanium alloy tubes which are 30% stronger than standard aluminum scopes.  They're so strong in fact that they're recoil-tested with 1000 rounds of a .375 H&H Magnum, which is a big African round with a lot of punch.  It also features a 1/4 M.O.A. fingertip, audible/resettable windage and elevation adjustments, precision every hunter can get on board with. 

3200 Scope Sizes and Finishes

     * 3-9x 40mm, Matte, DOA 600
    * 3-9x 50mm, Matte, DOA 600
    * 4-12x 40mm, Matte, DOA 600
    * 10x 40mm, Matte, Mil Dot
    * 1.5-4.5x 32mm, Matte, Firefly Reticle
    * 2-6x 32mm, Matte
    * 2-6x 32mm, Silver
    * 2-7x 32mm, Matte
    * 3-10x 40mm, Matte
    * 3-10x 50mm, Matte
    * 3-9x 40mm, Glossy
    * 3-9x 40mm, Silver
    * 3-9x 40mm, Matte
    * 3-9x 50mm, Matte
    * 3-9x 40mm, Matte, Firefly Reticle
    * 3-9x 50mm, Matte, Firefly Reticle
    * 4-12x 40mm, Matte
    * 5-15x 40mm, Matte, Firefly Reticle
    * 5-15x 40mm, Matte
    * 5-15x 50mm, Matte
    * 5-15x 50mm, Matte, Tactical
    * 7-21x 40mm, Matte, Mil Dot

Bushnell 3200

User Reviews of the Elite 3200

These are Bushnell Elite 3200 Review from real customers...

"Very nice scope, especially considering the low price. Optical clarity is on par with much more expensive brands. Eye relief is not the best, but is passable..." - Portion of Actual User Review On Amazon - R. Harvey

"Not sure how you could get a better scope for this much money. Good build, good knobs, good reticle, good picture with proper eye relief. It was easy to focus, easy to sight the rifle in, easy to reset the knobs..." - Portion of Actual User Review On Amazon - D. Reid Smith